The Cannes International Film Festival

Hello everyone! It has been a while, I know! However I have been WAITING for Cannes to come to a close to countdown some of the best looks from the red carpet. I know there is still two days left, but what has been seen so far on the carpet is worth noting right now. The 69th annual film festival kicked off about a week ago, and leave it to those along the French Riviera to deliver some of the most jaw dropping looks of the year. There was absolutely no shortage in the glamour department, and Instagram has been filled with celebrities of all corners of the world dropping everything to attend the exclusive festival. From Blake Lively twinning with Cinderella, to Katy Perry morphing into a real life salsa dancer emoji, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley deserving her own category, and going all out for the AMFAR Gala, here are some of the most memorable looks so far.

AMFAR Gala, May 19th, 2016

Red Carpet


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